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“Retreats are an opportunity to press life’s pause button and practice immersive attention to Jesus”

Welcome to the web site of the Center for Renewal (CFR) Retreat Ministry. The CFR is on 38 beautiful acres in Simsbury, Connecticut and is the home of Covenant Presbyterian Church, also known as The BARN. One of the ministries of The BARN is the Center for Renewal Retreat Ministry. Retreats are held at our 5,000 square foot Retreat House. Take a virtual tour of the facility here.

There are paths, a brook, a prayer chapel, and benches around the property as well as a reflection hut for you to pause and reconnect with Jesus and your heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit. Take a virtual tour of the property here.

Oswald Chambers has said: “The measure of the worth of our public activity for God is the private profound communion we have with Him.” Are you finding that your activities are crowding out your time alone with God? Join the club. Here’s a remedy. Schedule one of the several types of retreats that are offered by the CFR Retreat Ministry and cultivate that private profound communion with your Father.

Read more about why we think the Center for Renewal plays such a vital role in advancing God’s kingdom here on earth.